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Tired Ted.

After a busy day of playing in the garden, exploring and eating, it was just all to much for Ted and fell asleep on my camera, luckily I have a smaller digital camera to capture these images. This is one very tired puppy.

Tired Ted - ©

Lunchtime for Ted.

All that adventuring out into the front garden for the first time and the fresh air has made Ted hungry and now its time for lunch. Ted loves his food and he always sits and waits for it to be dished up. He is very clever for a 9 week old puppy.

Time For Lunch - ©


Teds First Adventure Outside Front Door.

Ted wasn’t too sure as to whether to venture outside past his comfort zone but with his mummy (me) next to him for security he gave it a go.

Ted Venturing Outside - ©

Coming Soon

Please keep an eye open for this category 🙂

Teds First Night At Home

This is a photo of Ted trying out his new bed in his new home.

Teds first night - ©

Teds mum and dad

This is a photograph of Teds mum and dad.

Teds mum and dad - ©

Steve Hislop Memorial

This is the bronze statue of Steve Hislop in the Memorial Garden on Onchan Head. The statue was unveiled by Geoff Duke on the 5th June 2005. He was a very popular TT motorcycle racer and and won the TT an impressive 11 times. On July 30th 2003, Steve ‘Hizzy’ Hislop sadly lost his life in a helicopter crash in Teviothead, Roxburghshire aged 41 years.

Steve Hislop Memorial - ©


Teds Brothers and Sisters.

This is the photo we took of Teds two brothers and two sisters before we left Blackpool.

Teds Brothers and Sisters.

New Arrival

On July 14th, we travelled to Liverpool on the Seacat and then drove to Blackpool to collect our new Border Terrier puppy we have called Ted after his dad. He was so cute and funny, bouncing around like a spring lamb. We also met his mother and his 4 other litter mates, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We then drove back to Liverpool and waited for the Seacat to come back home.
This image is of Ted when we first met and held him in Blackpool.

Ted in Blackpool - ©

Seacat Manannan arriving into Douglas Harbour.

In the right place at the right time to capture the Seacat sailing past the Tower of Refuge as she arrives into Douglas Harbour from Liverpool.
The Tower of Refuge was the idea of Sir William Hilary, the founder of The Royal National Lifeboat Institution. He wanted a safe place for sailors to get to whilst waiting to be rescued as the seas round the Island were very dangerous and the coast was to far to swim to. The Tower was designed by John Welch and was completed in 1832. It was built on Conister Rock in Douglas Bay and was kept stocked with bread and fresh water and offered shelter from the bad weather and rough seas.
When the tide is very low, it is possible to walk out to the Tower.
Took this image using my 55mm-200mm lens on my Nikon DX40 camera.

Seacat Manannin - ©


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