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First Time At The Beach.

On Saturday 13th August we took Ted down to Castletown beach for a play with his ball. This was the first time Ted had been to the beach and he found the sand a bit strange at first and also tried to eat it :-o. We threw the ball for him and he went and got it a few times but he was more interested in having a good run around, eating and playing with the seaweed and also playing in and out of the sea. He had a good play for 30 minutes and then started to get cold and tired. We called it a day when he came to me to be picked up and was wet and shivering, I carried him back up to the car, wrapped him in warm towels and cuddled him all the way home, he fell asleep in my arms in the car, cute :-).
Once home I gave Ted a nice warm bath to clean him and warm him up, much to his disgust and I ended up wetter than him :-(.
Here are some of the photographs we managed to get of Ted playing but he is so difficult to photograph.


What have you done Ted?

Ted is going through a stage of ripping up his wee pads, I have even bought a holder to put them in thats supposed to stop puppies shredding them but the kitchen still looks like it has been snowing. I love the way he looks as if to say,
“it wasnt me” 🙂

Christchurch Glen Mona.

This little church is so pretty and in the summer is hidden behind the trees but at this time of the year its visible from the main road. You can find it on the main Douglas to Ramsey coast road at the Dhoon in Glen Mona. It has a quaint windy pathway leading from the main road to the church doors. This little church first opened its doors in December 1855.
I took these images with my Nikon D40.


on the images for a larger view.

Ted Playing With His Favourite Toys.

Ted loves this soft toy and also his comfort blanket, he drags it around everywhere with him, so sweet.

Ted having a rest.

Ted is so funny. He is now 2 days away from being 11 weeks old and he has really developed and is now showing his true character and personality. He has learnt so much in his short 2 and 1/2 weeks in his new home. He loves all his toys but his favourite is his squeaky cow. He has learnt to go upstairs and uses this as a game, he runs up knowing that I need to go up and bring him down. Yesterday he had his 2nd injection so in a weeks time we can take him out into the big wide world :-). This morning he had a good play, running up the stairs and playing outside and then decided to have a chill out on the sofa……… time for a coffee :-)


Teds Paw Prints.

This is a record of Teds paw prints at the tender age of 10 weeks and 5 days. I used childrens blue poster paint as non toxic, painted his feet, one at a time, and did the print, Ted didn’t seem to mind to much :-). I am planning on keeping a record of the size of his feet every couple of weeks……..thats if he will let me.

Teds Paw Prints - ©


Southern Agricultural Show.

Today went to the Southern Agricultural Show at Great Meadow in Castletown. It was a bumper year for visitors as was so hot and sunny, bit too hot for all the animals but fantastic for us humans. Got some lovely photographs, here are just a few of the ones I took today using my Nokia DX40 with the 18-55mm lens.
Image number 7 is a Manx Loughtan sheep, there was also Castletown Band playing and they were really good, its lovely to hear a live band.
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