First Time At The Beach.

On Saturday 13th August we took Ted down to Castletown beach for a play with his ball. This was the first time Ted had been to the beach and he found the sand a bit strange at first and also tried to eat it :-o. We threw the ball for him and he went and got it a few times but he was more interested in having a good run around, eating and playing with the seaweed and also playing in and out of the sea. He had a good play for 30 minutes and then started to get cold and tired. We called it a day when he came to me to be picked up and was wet and shivering, I carried him back up to the car, wrapped him in warm towels and cuddled him all the way home, he fell asleep in my arms in the car, cute :-).
Once home I gave Ted a nice warm bath to clean him and warm him up, much to his disgust and I ended up wetter than him :-(.
Here are some of the photographs we managed to get of Ted playing but he is so difficult to photograph.


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