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Ted Having A Mud Bath.

As it was a lovely day, we went for a walk round Stoney Mountain Plantation. We walked around the whole perimeter of the plantation, part of it was along a main road which wasnt good with Ted and there was no footpath and Ted is scared of traffic, amongst other things.
When we got into the second part of the plantation, off the main road, it started to get really boggy and muddy. At one point I had to pick Ted up and carry him because it was mainly gorse and that was not nice for ted to walk through. I put him down once clear of gorse and he went running of and found the biggest, muddy puddle and went straight into it, he was filthy and didnt smell to pleasant after either. Got him out, got back to the car, rubbed him down as much as possible and then once home put him in the bath with his doggy bubble bath, he really enjoys as nice warm bath after a long muddy walk. 🙂

Langness Lighthouse.

Langness Lighthouse, all 63 feet of it, and cottages were bought by Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson and his wife in 2005 to use as a holiday home. The area surrounding the lighthouse is vast, 30 acres, and is a public right of way with plenty of walking which takes you round the surrounding rocks and up onto penninsula. The area which goes round behind the lighthouse has been the subject of a well publicised legal wrangle.
The name Langness means Long Point and after much debate as to whether a lighthouse was needed at langness, Trinity House fineally agreed for the go ahead of a lighthouse, engine house for a fog signal and dwelling cottages to house 3 keepers. Mr Matheson was appointed inspector of works on 18th June 1879. The lighthouse tower was completed ahead of schedule and the light was first exhibited on Wednesday, December 1880. Many changes have occurred since then. The fog signal was discontinued in 1987 and the lighthouse was automated in 1996.

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Sunny Day out in Port Erin

You would not believe that these images were taken at the beginning of November. It was like a summers day, infact it was warmer than most of the days we had in the summer. There were people on the beach, children playing in the sea and we even had an ice cream, unbelievable.