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Ted Playing With New Game On His First Christmas Day.

This is Teds first Christmas and I bought him loads of new toys but he’s worth it. I got him a game called Checkers Bone Treat Puzzle, where you put treats under little wooden blocks and he has to slide them to find the treats, it took him less than 5 minutes to work out what to do, he’s so clever and he loves playing that game. He also got a giggle ball, a ball that makes 200 animal sounds (i,m sure it will drive us mad) and some chew bones. Ted had a lovely Christmas day as we all did. 🙂

Sunset Over Castletown Beach.

Whilst we were down at Derbyhaven we were out walking for long enough to be able to capture the beautiful sunset. The first image is the sun setting behind the Control Tower at Ronaldsway Airport, the second image is the sun setting over Castletown beach and bay.
Taken with my Nikon D40 using 18-55mm lens.

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Sunny Day in Derbyhaven.

Today was such a beautiful day, it was like spring, calm and sunny, too nice to miss by staying in so we went for a walk at Derbyhaven from the Flying Club, round the back of the airport and back to the car.
Took these images with my Nikon D40 using a Nikon 18-55mm lens.

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Port St Mary Breakwater.

Took this image whilst waiting for the New Years Day dippers, of all the lobster pots and other fishing boat equipment sorted, lined up and ready to go on next fishing trip. This is a regular sight in the fishing ports on the Island, whether it be scallops being landed in Peel and Port St Mary or the lobster boats coming in.

Lobster Pots Port St Mary Breakwater - ©

New Years Day Dips 2012

On New Years Day it is traditional to go for a dip in the sea to raise money for a variety of charities. The dips take place all over the Island but the images below are from Chapel Beach in Port St Mary (images 1-3) and Port St Mary inner harbour (images 4-6). Chapel Beach dip was at about 12.45 and the Port St Mary one was around 13.30. The day started of nice and sunny but very cold and as we went to the Port St Mary dip the weather had turned cloudy and was freezing, we were cold just watching them.
Well done to all those brave people who took part 😉

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