Castle Rushen In Castletown.

This castle is one of the most complete castles in the British Isles. The lower keep is the oldest part, being built about 1250 by Magnus the last Viking ruler. In 1313 the castle was taken by Robert Bruce. In 1343-45 the castle was enlarged by William de Montecute and again by others at the end of the 16th century. The keep stands at 74 feet tall and the four towers, one on each side, vary in height from between 70-80 feet and the walls vary in thickness of 7-12 feet. The clock is in the south tower and is thought to have been presented by Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1597 when she held the Island. The castle was used for many years as the seat of government and it had always been used to hold prisoners until 1816 when it was converted into the Islands main jail until 1891. The castle stood unused for many years until was restored by Lord Raglan when he was Governor from 1902 t0 1919 then in 1929 King George V presented the castle to the Manx nation and today is looked after by the Manx National Heritage. Visitors to the Castle can indulge in its history and hear from some of its inhabitants, including Bishop Wilson who you will find in his cell and the castle guards in their vaulted rooms. You’ll also be able to dine with the Kings and Lords of Mann in the great banqueting hall, experience the sights and sounds of a Medieval kitchen and visit the gatehouse. Each year throughout the summer season there are special open days held at the castle where cannons are fired and special displays are held inside the castle. To the side of the main entrance there is Castle Rushen registry office which is very popular for weddings.

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