St. Runius Church (3 Images)

St. Runius, also known as Old Kirk Marown, is a very quaint old church which still has candles for lights instead of electricity. It is known as Old Kirk Marown because a new church was built in its place in 1853 on the main Douglas to Peel road. St. Runius is a simple structure dating from the 12th century with alterations and extensions from 1750 to 1755 and in the late 1790’s. It is called St. Runius as it is dedicated to St. Ronan of Lismore in Ireland and Marown also takes its name from this Saint “Ma-Ronan”, Marown. In the images below you will notice that this church has a very unusual feature being an external double stone staircase which leads up to the once music gallery, the original doorway into the gallery has been filled in with stone to match the church. I have put on three images, two of the church as couldnt decide which I liked the best as one is in sepia. I have also included an image to show the candles they use to light the church when in use.

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