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The Grove Museum. (3 Images)

This beautiful piece of Manx history has had a lot of work done on the upstairs floor due to water damage from the roof leaking last year, in fact when I went to the museum last May the upstairs floor and rooms were closed due to the ceiling coming down. Now thankfully after months of hard work it is well on its way to being restored again and upstairs is now open again to the public.
The Grove or to give it its proper title The Gibbs of the Grove was a beautiful Victorian summer retreat for the Gibbs family which later became their permanent residence and family home.
The rooms show how they lived, what they wore and you are taken back in time looking round the kitchen, the pantry, the life of the scullery maid and the beautiful Victorian furniture in the living rooms.
Upstairs there is the main bedroom which is the master bedroom and the head of house slept in this bedroom until their death and then the next person in line took over this room.
There is the sewing room where the ladies of the house were taught to sew and then next to this is the dressing room displaying the outfits they used to wear and then the playroom with a beautiful rocking horse and dolls house.
Through a door in the playroom you go into another room where you can watch bees making honey as they fly in and out through a gap in the window linking to a real bee hive.
The gardens are beautiful with a croquet lawn, duck pond and Loaghtan sheep.

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Lambing time at Smeale Farm in Andreas ( 3 Images).

What a fantastic afternoon I have just spent at Smeale Farm in Andreas. This traditional Manx farm is run by Steve, Beth and Chris. Its the middle of lambing season and there are pregnant ewes just waiting to lamb and I was so lucky to be able to deliver twins under the supervision from Steve. This was so amazing and I wont forget this afternoon for a long time. Its such a lovely farm and run by lovely people. The bottom image shows Steve holding triplets. Thank you Steve for a fantastic day.

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Lambing1© Lambing2 Lambing3

Traditional Manx Shepherding. (2 Images)

Its so lovely to see traditional ways of moving sheep and their lambs still practiced in the Isle of Man.
I came across these lovely lambs and their mothers on the coast road near to the Lhen in the North of the Island.
It was a beautiful spring day and lovely to see the lambs going out into the field to enjoy the warm spring sunshine.

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Inside the walls of Peel Castle.

Made the most of a beautiful sunny spring day by visiting Peel Castle. This Castle is situated on St Patricks Isle in Peel and used to be a place of worship before becoming the fort of Magnus Barefoot – an 11th century Viking King of Mann.
Inside the Castle walls there are the remains of St Patricks Church, The Round Tower and the crypt of the 13th century Cathedral of St German.
The Castle has extensive grounds and visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Peel and beyond.
The Castle is also famous for being haunted by a large black dog called the Moddey Dhoo and there have been reports of sightings of a ghostly apparition of the black dog.

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A different view of Maughold Church

I took this photograph through a cut out on a Celtic Cross as thought it would give a different view of the church and church yard. This Church is one of my favourites due to the location as its very peaceful and its a pretty church.

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Took this photograph in a plantation and thought would try a different way of photographing the trees.


This Little Piggy……..

Saw these piglets on the way home the other day and couldn’t resist taking a few photos as were so cute.
This little pig checked his image in the reflection on his shelter before posing for his photograph. The piglets were playing in the sun and also digging in the soil with their snouts looking for food.



Lag Ny Keeilley.

Went for a walk to Lag Ny Keeilley on a misty spring day. We started out walking to Eary Cushlin and then continued passed on the footpath which takes you down to this tranquil and very peaceful remains of an old Early Christian Hermitage Site. The footpath is very precarious in places and is not for the faint hearted or unsure footed.
Once down there it is well worth the hard work as its such a calming, peaceful place to sit and take in your surroundings, would have been even better on a clearer day but still worth the walk.
On a clear day you can see Niarbyl Bay behind you and Peel Hill ahead of you and the only neighbours at this site are the sheep and the birds of prey we heard screeching over head.

Lag-Ny-Keeilley-© Lag-Ny-Keeilley2-©

Don’t Do It!!!!

Saw this sheep when walking down to Lag Ny Keeilley and couldnt resist taking a photograph of her as thought would make a great caption.