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Sunset Over Douglas.

Couldnt pass up the chance of taking this image of the beautiful sunset over Douglas. This image was taken on my Nikon D40-X using my 18-55 lens.

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Douglas Harbour Lift Bridge.

This image shows the Lift Bridge which was completed in 2004 and allows access for pedestrians and vehicles to the quayside and harbour area. Under the bridge there is a flap gate which ensures water remains in the harbour at all times and keeps the marina afloat. The bridge itself is operational +/- 2 hours every high tide, when it can be lifted to allow boats in and out of the harbour.

Douglas Harbour Lift Bridge-©






This image shows the Lift Bridge fully up and the yacht going through is called “The Pride Of Mann” and is for the sailing for disabled.

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Pride of Mann  - ©

Douglas Quay and Marina

This image shows Douglas Marina which was built in 2001 and was the first Marina for the Isle of Man, there is now another one in Peel. This Marina has really lifted the quayside as before it was built when the tide went out it left a silty and sad looking harbour but now there is constant water with beautiful yachts moared and on a sunny day the sun glistens of the sea. The Quayside has also been improved with new paving and seating to sit and watch the world and the yachts go by.

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Douglas Quay and Marina-©

Yn Chruinnaght on Douglas Promenade.

This week was the traditional Yn Chruinnaght dance festival. Yn Chruinnaght is Manx for ‘The Gathering’ and is a celebration of Manx culture and the relationship between the Isle of Man and the five other Celtic countries, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. The festival is a full programme of music, dance, language, arts, crafts and much more, something for everyone.
This display was on Douglas Promenade just by the War Memorial.Yn Chruinnaght - ©

Isle of Man Steam Packet Seacat Manannan

Was up Douglas Head at just the right time to be able to capture the seacat Manannan entering Douglas harbour.

Isle of Man Steampacket Seacat Manannan - ©

Camera Obscura Douglas Isle of Man

This is the famous Camera Obscura on Douglas Head. There is no power involved in making it work, its all done using 11 lenses which gives 11 moving colour pictures of the surrounding headland. It was opened in the 1890’s and was once considered a popular form of fun and entertainment.

Camera Obscura on Douglas Head ©

Douglas Head Lighthouse

Took this image of Douglas Head Lighthouse whilst standing on the steps which lead up to the Camera Obscura.

Douglas head Lighthouse ©