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A different view of Maughold Church

I took this photograph through a cut out on a Celtic Cross as thought it would give a different view of the church and church yard. This Church is one of my favourites due to the location as its very peaceful and its a pretty church.

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Ravens at Ballafayle (3 images)

These two scultured bronze ravens are sat on rocks on the side of a hill above Ballafayle. They are dedicated to well known politician and speaker for the House of Keys Sir Charles Kerruish  who sadly passed away in August 2003. Its such a beautiful, peaceful place with stunning views especially on a lovely, sunny day like today.

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Ravens at Ballafayle-© Ravens at Ballafayle-© Ravens at Ballafayle-©


A Very Friendly Sheep.

Walking up to Maughold Lighthouse from Maughold Church, we passed a field with this really friendly sheep. He was so friendly that it was difficult to take a picture due to him trying to put his head up to the camera.

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Sheep ©

Maughold Lighthouse

Out walking on a beautiful Autumn day on the public footpath that goes from Maughold Church down to the sea with spectacular views out over the bay and Maughold Lighthouse.

Maughold Lighthouse- ©