Port St Mary Breakwater.

Took this image whilst waiting for the New Years Day dippers, of all the lobster pots and other fishing boat equipment sorted, lined up and ready to go on next fishing trip. This is a regular sight in the fishing ports on the Island, whether it be scallops being landed in Peel and Port St Mary or the lobster boats coming in.

Lobster Pots Port St Mary Breakwater - © www.iomphotography.com

New Years Day Dips 2012

On New Years Day it is traditional to go for a dip in the sea to raise money for a variety of charities. The dips take place all over the Island but the images below are from Chapel Beach in Port St Mary (images 1-3) and Port St Mary inner harbour (images 4-6). Chapel Beach dip was at about 12.45 and the Port St Mary one was around 13.30. The day started of nice and sunny but very cold and as we went to the Port St Mary dip the weather had turned cloudy and was freezing, we were cold just watching them.
Well done to all those brave people who took part 😉

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Langness Lighthouse.

Langness Lighthouse, all 63 feet of it, and cottages were bought by Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson and his wife in 2005 to use as a holiday home. The area surrounding the lighthouse is vast, 30 acres, and is a public right of way with plenty of walking which takes you round the surrounding rocks and up onto penninsula. The area which goes round behind the lighthouse has been the subject of a well publicised legal wrangle.
The name Langness means Long Point and after much debate as to whether a lighthouse was needed at langness, Trinity House fineally agreed for the go ahead of a lighthouse, engine house for a fog signal and dwelling cottages to house 3 keepers. Mr Matheson was appointed inspector of works on 18th June 1879. The lighthouse tower was completed ahead of schedule and the light was first exhibited on Wednesday, December 1880. Many changes have occurred since then. The fog signal was discontinued in 1987 and the lighthouse was automated in 1996.

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Sunny Day out in Port Erin

You would not believe that these images were taken at the beginning of November. It was like a summers day, infact it was warmer than most of the days we had in the summer. There were people on the beach, children playing in the sea and we even had an ice cream, unbelievable.

Douglas Harbour Lift Bridge.

This image shows the Lift Bridge which was completed in 2004 and allows access for pedestrians and vehicles to the quayside and harbour area. Under the bridge there is a flap gate which ensures water remains in the harbour at all times and keeps the marina afloat. The bridge itself is operational +/- 2 hours every high tide, when it can be lifted to allow boats in and out of the harbour.

Douglas Harbour Lift Bridge-© iomphotography.com






This image shows the Lift Bridge fully up and the yacht going through is called “The Pride Of Mann” and is for the sailing for disabled.

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Pride of Mann  - © iomphotography.com

Douglas Quay and Marina

This image shows Douglas Marina which was built in 2001 and was the first Marina for the Isle of Man, there is now another one in Peel. This Marina has really lifted the quayside as before it was built when the tide went out it left a silty and sad looking harbour but now there is constant water with beautiful yachts moared and on a sunny day the sun glistens of the sea. The Quayside has also been improved with new paving and seating to sit and watch the world and the yachts go by.

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Douglas Quay and Marina-© iomphotography.com

Ballaugh Old Church.

This little church is situated at The Cronk, which is a couple of miles to the north of Ballaugh. In 1717 the church was extended and a gable, topped by a bellcote, added to the west end. Rear and side galleries were erected between 1757 and 1777. In 1832 a new church was built in Ballaugh Village, hence the name Ballaugh Old Church, and this caused this little church to become disused and to fall into disrepair but it was refurbished in the mid to late 1800’s, and again in 1955. Since then the church continues to hold regular services and has featured in film productions. As you can see the front pillars are leaning in and tradition says that they were deliberately built like this.

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Ballaugh Old Church - © iomphotography.com

Christchurch Glen Mona.

This little church is so pretty and in the summer is hidden behind the trees but at this time of the year its visible from the main road. You can find it on the main Douglas to Ramsey coast road at the Dhoon in Glen Mona. It has a quaint windy pathway leading from the main road to the church doors. This little church first opened its doors in December 1855.
I took these images with my Nikon D40.


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Southern Agricultural Show.

Today went to the Southern Agricultural Show at Great Meadow in Castletown. It was a bumper year for visitors as was so hot and sunny, bit too hot for all the animals but fantastic for us humans. Got some lovely photographs, here are just a few of the ones I took today using my Nokia DX40 with the 18-55mm lens.
Image number 7 is a Manx Loughtan sheep, there was also Castletown Band playing and they were really good, its lovely to hear a live band.
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Steve Hislop Memorial

This is the bronze statue of Steve Hislop in the Memorial Garden on Onchan Head. The statue was unveiled by Geoff Duke on the 5th June 2005. He was a very popular TT motorcycle racer and and won the TT an impressive 11 times. On July 30th 2003, Steve ‘Hizzy’ Hislop sadly lost his life in a helicopter crash in Teviothead, Roxburghshire aged 41 years.

Steve Hislop Memorial - © iomphotography.com


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