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Two Beautiful Horses.

Saw these beautiful horses in the field at the bottom of Andreas Curch Cemetary and couldn’t resist taking a photograph of them and they seemed to like posing for it too.

This image was taken using my new Sony Cybershot DSC-HX50 camera.

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Two Beautiful-Horses-© www.iomphotography.com

St. Runius Church (3 Images)

St. Runius, also known as Old Kirk Marown, is a very quaint old church which still has candles for lights instead of electricity. It is known as Old Kirk Marown because a new church was built in its place in 1853 on the main Douglas to Peel road. St. Runius is a simple structure dating from the 12th century with alterations and extensions from 1750 to 1755 and in the late 1790’s. It is called St. Runius as it is dedicated to St. Ronan of Lismore in Ireland and Marown also takes its name from this Saint “Ma-Ronan”, Marown. In the images below you will notice that this church has a very unusual feature being an external double stone staircase which leads up to the once music gallery, the original doorway into the gallery has been filled in with stone to match the church. I have put on three images, two of the church as couldnt decide which I liked the best as one is in sepia. I have also included an image to show the candles they use to light the church when in use.

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St-Runius-© www.iomphotography.com St-Runius-sepia-© www.iomphotography.com St-Runius-candle-© www.iomphotography.com

Jurby Church

Jurby Church, also known as St Patricks Church, was first built in about 1213 and was a very simple church. In 1829 the present church was built using material from the previous old building and its attractive interior today is due to the work of Deemster Farrant. Most of his predecessors are buried in the churchyard. During the second world war the church was adopted by R.A.F. Jurby which presented the east window overlooking the airfield. Inside the church is an R.A.F. ensign dedicated by the Island’s Bishop in 1979 in memory of all who served at the station and outside in the graveyard there are a number of war graves, for British, Commonwealth and Polish servicemen. They died mostly from aircraft training accidents. This church is such a pretty church and sits on the headland at the coast and has lovely views South to Peel and inland across the rural North of the Island, towards the hills.

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Jurby-Church-© www.iomphotography.com



A Very Friendly Sheep.

Walking up to Maughold Lighthouse from Maughold Church, we passed a field with this really friendly sheep. He was so friendly that it was difficult to take a picture due to him trying to put his head up to the camera.

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Sheep © www.iomphotography.com

Malew Church Organ Pipes

A different view of the metal pipes on the church organ. This organ dates from 1907 and was built by Moses Morgan of Douglas and replaces the smaller Hewitt organ which was moved to St Mark’s church.

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Organ-Pipes © www.iomphotography.com

Malew Church

Malew Church also known as Kirk Malew, is dedicated to the Celtic Saint Lua or Leoc who was later overshadowed by Saint Lupus, Bishop of Troyes. This church is also famous for the Vampires Grave.

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Malew Church © www.iomphotography.com


Ballaugh Old Church.

This lovely old church is St Mary de Ballaugh and is situated at the Cronk in Ballaugh on the site of an ancient keeill.
The old church was lengthened in 1717  and within the church is an 11th century runic cross, the only one found in the parish. The entrance is renowned for its leaning gate pillars. In 1832 a new church was built 1 mile away and the old church was abandoned because of its bad state of repair. These days, even though the new church is the official parish church, this quaint old church has been restored and is again used regularly for divine worship.

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Ballaugh-Old-Church© www.iomphotography.com

Ballaugh Old Church.

This little church is situated at The Cronk, which is a couple of miles to the north of Ballaugh. In 1717 the church was extended and a gable, topped by a bellcote, added to the west end. Rear and side galleries were erected between 1757 and 1777. In 1832 a new church was built in Ballaugh Village, hence the name Ballaugh Old Church, and this caused this little church to become disused and to fall into disrepair but it was refurbished in the mid to late 1800’s, and again in 1955. Since then the church continues to hold regular services and has featured in film productions. As you can see the front pillars are leaning in and tradition says that they were deliberately built like this.

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Ballaugh Old Church - © iomphotography.com

Christchurch Glen Mona.

This little church is so pretty and in the summer is hidden behind the trees but at this time of the year its visible from the main road. You can find it on the main Douglas to Ramsey coast road at the Dhoon in Glen Mona. It has a quaint windy pathway leading from the main road to the church doors. This little church first opened its doors in December 1855.
I took these images with my Nikon D40.


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