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Flooding in Ramsey.

On Friday 3rd of January the Island experienced extreme high tides which coincided with low pressure and also high winds which caused Island wide flooding. The main shopping street in Ramsey was under water and the shops suffered severe flooding. It was hard to see where the harbour ended and the road started as at high tide it all became one big harbour. It was very surreal and I have never experienced anything like it before.

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Ramey-Flood © www.iomphotography.com






Ramey-Flood © www.iomphotography.com



Port St Mary Harbour

Port St Mary is such a lovely little harbour and on a sunny day, any time of the year, its so pretty and quaint.
Captured this image on a sunny Sunday afternoon whilst walking to the Breakwater to join the famous Queenie festival which is held every year to celebrate the Queen Scallop, locally known as the Queenie. They are fished from waters around the Isle of Man and have become a very popular food which can be cooked in a variety of ways.

Port St Mary Harbour - © iomphotography.com