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Lag Ny Keeilley.

Went for a walk to Lag Ny Keeilley on a misty spring day. We started out walking to Eary Cushlin and then continued passed on the footpath which takes you down to this tranquil and very peaceful remains of an old Early Christian Hermitage Site. The footpath is very precarious in places and is not for the faint hearted or unsure footed.
Once down there it is well worth the hard work as its such a calming, peaceful place to sit and take in your surroundings, would have been even better on a clearer day but still worth the walk.
On a clear day you can see Niarbyl Bay behind you and Peel Hill ahead of you and the only neighbours at this site are the sheep and the birds of prey we heard screeching over head.

Lag-Ny-Keeilley-©www.iomphotography.com Lag-Ny-Keeilley2-©www.iomphotography.com-

Don’t Do It!!!!

Saw this sheep when walking down to Lag Ny Keeilley and couldnt resist taking a photograph of her as thought would make a great caption.