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Malew Church

Malew Church also known as Kirk Malew, is dedicated to the Celtic Saint Lua or Leoc who was later overshadowed by Saint Lupus, Bishop of Troyes. This church is also famous for the Vampires Grave.

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Malew Church © www.iomphotography.com


Lobster Boat.

Captured this image on a quiet, calm Sunday morning of a lobster boat owner checking his catch and then putting out morelobster pots.

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Lobster-Boat© www.iomphotography.com


Ballaugh Old Church.

This lovely old church is St Mary de Ballaugh and is situated at the Cronk in Ballaugh on the site of an ancient keeill.
The old church was lengthened in 1717  and within the church is an 11th century runic cross, the only one found in the parish. The entrance is renowned for its leaning gate pillars. In 1832 a new church was built 1 mile away and the old church was abandoned because of its bad state of repair. These days, even though the new church is the official parish church, this quaint old church has been restored and is again used regularly for divine worship.

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Ballaugh-Old-Church© www.iomphotography.com


When out taking photos of an old derelict farmhouse up in the hills round Sulby, we came across this very small, abandoned lamb. Luckily we managed to track down the farmer and he came and collected the lamb and he said that it was deffinately abandoned and would have died if we hadn’t have found it and let him know. It was so cute.

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Sunny Day out in Port Erin

You would not believe that these images were taken at the beginning of November. It was like a summers day, infact it was warmer than most of the days we had in the summer. There were people on the beach, children playing in the sea and we even had an ice cream, unbelievable.

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