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Damage To Ramsey Promenade (2 Images).

On Monday 3rd of February we suffered another storm with another sea serge due to high winds and the high tide. We have had a few now and this time more defences were put into place around the Island to try and prevent more damage and flooding such as bigger sand bags and large boulders around the coast to pretect sea walls. Unfortunately many coastal areas were damaged again which is a warning of how powerful and unforgiving the sea can be. Below are images I took of the damage caused to Mooragh Promenade in Ramsey.

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Damage-Ramsey-© www.iomphotography.com Ramsey-Damage-© www.iomphotography.com


Storm Serge In Castletown.

On Saturday 1st of February we experienced another storm serge which coincided with an 8.3 metre tide. Its was really wild and scarey at times. The power of the sea is unbelievable. This lead to flooding and damage in many parts of the Island.

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Castletown-Storms-© www.iomphotography.com